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We are currently in the process of composing a full length book about our first 5 years.  The following blog entries will give you a good idea of what to expect between its covers:  humor, philosophy, theology, narrative, memoir and more.  It’s truly genre-bending.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll buy several copies and send them to your family and friends!


God has seen fit to bless Whetstone Boys Ranch with its third boy!  He comes with his own unique set of strengths and weaknesses…just like the rest of us. Transitions are always stressful, and being away from your family and friends for an entire year can only... read more

Deep Cleaning

Because our ranch home contains 10,000 square feet, we have to make sure it gets cleaned on a regular basis.  Chickens, cows and horses are one thing – “dust bunnies” are quite another. However, deep cleaning is not very high on the list of “things I like to do” for... read more

The New Guy

Boy number two arrived at Whetstone Boys Ranch on Monday, January 23, 2012. Of course, we don’t call him “boy number two.”  He’s not a number.  In fact, one thing that makes Whetstone Boys Ranch stand out is our low staff-to-boy ratio.  We stand committed to having... read more


Can I level with you?  Can I shoot straight, get right to the point, and keep it real?  Can I have a no-nonsense, no-holds barred, come-to-Jesus moment with you?  OK. Here it is.  Wait for it… Buffering…buffering…buffering… God is good, all the time; all the... read more

Be Specific

How many New Year’s resolutions have already gone up in smoke…or down in donut grease? I spoke of goal-setting last week, but we all know that the hard part is carrying through.   It’s not how you start the race, but how you finish that counts – a lesson we try to... read more


We all need goals in life.  Physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social…pick a category.  Pick’em all.  There is no lack of areas where we can improve.  Our imperfection knows no bounds. At Whetstone, we have a white board to keep track of certain “Feats of... read more


There’s nothing quite like having the right tool for the job.  Hours, days and even weeks can be shaved off the estimated time of completion.  Headaches, injuries, and a thousand little frustrations can be eliminated by making a quick trip to the hardware store and... read more


“Will” is an important word at Whetstone.  Brandon and Laura’s 2 year old son is named Will.  We have a beautiful chestnut brown horse named Will. (Interestingly, he was given that name years before he was generously donated to us.)  Will is a helping verb that aids... read more

Whetstone Wives

November 23rd is a big day for me personally.  This year, it falls on Thanksgiving, my wife’s birthday, and my 15th wedding anniversary!  Not a day I should forget.  There could be bad times in Brooklyn if I do. Fifteen years ago, I married Christine Marie Creasy.  It... read more
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