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We are currently in the process of composing a full length book about our first 5 years.  The following blog entries will give you a good idea of what to expect between its covers:  humor, philosophy, theology, narrative, memoir and more.  It’s truly genre-bending.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll buy several copies and send them to your family and friends!

Finish Strong

I believe it was the summer of 1984.  With the Soviet Union boycotting the Olympics, the United States was mopping up on the rest of the world in the Los Angeles, and Carl Lewis and Mary Lou Retton were on the front of Wheaties.  Led by Jack Morris, Kirk Gibson, Alan... read more


From what I’ve observed, God works in two ways:  all-at-once and not-all-at-once.  Because this may seem either obvious or contradictory, I’ll explain.  (This is a blog afterall.) Let’s start with the creation of the universe.  First off, how long was God planning... read more


Around here, we have something called the “List of Lists.”  LOL for short…except there is very little laughable or loveable about it. Right now, we are in the process of figuring out what we don’t know.  Specifically, we don’t know what we don’t know.  Yes, that... read more


The last weekend of July, we had a good old fashioned barn-raising event at the Ranch.  Eight men and six boys from Forum Christian in Columbia, Missouri, swept, scraped, trimmed, weed-whacked, and power washed a goodly portion of the 11,000 square foot residence and... read more

Over Our Heads

I’ve already said this once, but it bears repeating.  We are in over our heads…and I’m not just talking about those of us who happen to be in the boys ranch business.  If you are alive and breathing, you are in over your head also. I was recently reminded of this... read more

If God Is For Us…

The heroes of the Bible did not know they would become heroes of the Bible. They had no clue that their personal stories would inspire billions, that nations down through the ages would be patterned on their words and deeds, that they would have their own Veggie Tales... read more

Pink Buckets

How many of you out there have brought home a wild animal for a pet?  You thought the kids would learn to appreciate nature a little more if it were up close and personal.  You thought you’d rescue a baby rabbit about to be eaten by your cat which had it cornered and... read more

It’s Only Natural

One must be careful when drawing uplifting moral lessons from nature.  The barbaric and the hostile are just as easily derived from observing the animal kingdom at close quarters.  Both modern and ancient peoples have been guilty of sacrificing human welfare (and... read more

A Tale of Two Goats

This is a story of two goats. The first, pictured above, is a semi-feral remnant from the goat herd that used to populate the farm where we rent. He spooked us the first time we stumbled across him on a hike – bursting out from an abandoned farmhouse he has apparently... read more
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