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Christian Boarding Schools in Port Huron, Michigan

Need to find a better future at affordable Christian boarding schools for a troubled teenage boy in Port Huron, Michigan? 

Affordable Christian Boarding SchoolsLike many other affordable Christian boarding schools The experienced staff at Whetstone helps troubled teenage boys move past trauma, adoption issues, and end unhealthy influences. Whether he’s dealing with low self-esteem, or even depression, he will experience the love of creation, and the joy of work at Whetstone’s Christian boys ranch.

Whether your 12-16 year-old troubled teenage boy displays bitterness, anger, apathy, disrespect or trauma, he can learn to make better choices. Then he can focus on what’s really important in his life back home in Port Huron. At Whetstone Boys Ranch, in Mountain View, MO, he can learn how to deal with damaging problems, and sharpen his character—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Whetstone also wants to help struggling teenage boys who suffer from different disorders, as well as those in need of a change of environment, separated from internet addictions and harmful relationships in Port Huron, Michigan.

Affordable Christian Boarding SchoolsThe disciplined, affordable boarding school program at Whetstone Boys Ranch in the rustic Ozarks of MO works one on one with troubled teenage boys in a hands-on, working-ranch environment.

Because Whetstone’s director and staff observes the boys on-site, 24/7, they promote character development, and proactively sharpen the mind, body and soul of each boy. Teen boys also learn important lessons from daily interaction with ranch animals and work-based therapy.

Whetstone’s reason why is to help boys accept responsibility for their negative behavior. Once troubled teenage boys understand and accept honesty, self-control, responsibility and perseverance, they can focus on making needed changes in behavior.

In the great MO outdoors, and in the classroom at Whetstone Boys Ranch, troubled teen boys flourish his personal, spiritual and academic growth. He can interact with Whetstone’s director and caring staff daily as they share healthy meals, strenuous outdoor activities, and personalized school studies. Gatherings around the hearth also help each boy to share and understand his story, and the stories of those around him.

Troubled teenage boys at Whetstone Boys Ranch live an active, healthy, family lifestyle. They can mend and improve how they handle school, too!

Affordable Christian Boarding SchoolsTeen residents at Whetstone’s Christian boarding school enjoy a 285-acre working cattle ranch in the Ozarks of MO that features opportunities for distance running, basketball, football, golf and swimming. Students live in a safe, environment monitored by staff 24/7. Boys enjoy healthy meals morning, noon and night sitting and talking with staff. And the friendly connections thrive as Whetstone staff and their families live on-campus.

Another valuable part of Whetstone’s daily structure includes a liberal arts-based education. Whetstone’s licensed teachers also give each student what he needs, whether that involves redirection, encouragement or one-on-one tutoring. Then, when he returns home in Port Huron, Michigan he can re-enter school and keep up and succeed academically.

Whetstone Boys Ranch aims to lead troubled teenage boys to be Godly, upright young men of sharpened character in Port Huron, Michigan.

That’s why Whetstone’s focus on character development includes a unique three level/six traits system, applying Scripture in chapel topics, reading assignments and community service work. One on one discussions with Whetstone’s attentive staff also encourages growth in each troubled teen boy.

Whetstone Boys Ranch is a residential program that has served struggling boys and their families since 2011. Boys live, learn, work, and grow as they experience life-changing individual, group, and family therapy, a rich and rewarding academic curriculum, exciting outdoor adventures, and useful hands-on tasks. We believe in sharpening young men’s character so they can become true servant-leaders in their families and communities.

The purpose of our boys ranch centers on the reconciliation of teens (ages 12-16) and their families. We specialize in treating anger, depression, addiction to pornography and online games, entry-level substance abuse, low self-esteem, and trauma-induced behaviors. Our loving, systems-based approach, comprehensive and immersive treatment method, and very low boy-to-staff ratio (3:1) all set us apart. Our program is an excellent opportunity to make an impact on your teen son for a lifetime. Don’t enroll your young boy in an affordable boarding school in Port Huron, Michigan until you’ve talked about the benefits of Whetstone Boys Ranch! Call today at (417) 934-1112 to learn if Whetstone Boys Ranch in the rural Ozarks of MO is the best choice for your troubled teen boy. Explore the entire website here: https://www.whetstoneboysranch.org You can also e-mail at: office@whetstoneboysranch.org

Whetstone Boys Ranch and affordable Christian boarding school wants every young boy to grow into a Godly young man. The team at Whetstone Boys Ranch supports troubled teenage boys as they build a new life for themselves in the rural Ozarks of MO this year. Together, we’ll help him change, and transition back home to school and family in Port Huron, Michigan. Give us a call today!