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Whetstone Boys Ranch Helps Troubled Boys Excel at Academics


Whetstone Boys Ranch excellent academicsWhetstone Boys Ranch Offers Excellent Academics

Lately, parents and young teens have experienced an unexpected challenge when it comes to doing well at school. With public and private schools closing their doors because of health and other issues, children of all ages now must ‘attend school’ online.

Teachers interact with students via computer screens, and many parents wonder how this will change the learning and academic progress of young teens. Will they fall behind and give up? Will they find studying alone boring and connect with negative influencers? Will even high-achieving teens lose interest in their academic success?

When these concerns for your teen’s academic progress bring you to search for other options, be sure to consider one of the best boarding schools with top accreditation that provides comprehensive academics, on campus year-round.

With Whetstone’s limited enrollment, and a low student to staff ratio, we provide personal attention and round the clock supervision that produces the best results in each young teen enrolled in our program. And because class size remains small, our teachers know the strengths, weaknesses, and potential of each and every student.

That’s why teens living here experience academic success and outstanding college and career choices year after year. In fact, our solid traditional curriculum not only teaches skills for successful college and university studies, but also for achievement as self-dependent adults in the contemporary workplace.

top boarding schools in Missouri with excellent academicsWhetstone Boys Ranch understands that you want your young teen to excel in life and find purpose that motivates academic and life skill success. And in challenging times, you may need explore beyond local schools. Even more than ever, young teens today need a structured, nurturing environment in order to reach academic goals, and gain the wisdom to choose their best career path. How else will they excel in science, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, history, as well as in reading, writing and communication skills? At our top-rated boarding school, we offer specific curriculum that helps students discover and develop their passions for future occupations. And our experienced teachers and staff remain close and help each teen push through daily challenges.

As we help young teens achieve academic success through top accredited curriculum, available on-line and in-class, we also focus on their nutritional health and positive physical activities. Many young teens bear the burden of unhealthy impressions of fitness or body image. But through our holistic approach to mental, physical and spiritual wellness, students at our boarding school learn new, transforming habits that encourage personal discipline of mind AND body. That’s how we nurture and educate young teens in every aspect of life!

As you look for the best academic option for your young teen, take a good look at what we offer—complete Middle and High School courses for earning a High School diploma, along with preparation for ACT, SAT exams, and college placement, and college credits. For more information, and to see if your young teen would be a good fit for our boarding school program, check out our complete website.

Because we keep enrollment limited, please contact us right away if you need to talk to an admissions counselor. We’re here to help answer your questions and concerns, and also to suggest financial and funding options. Call now for more information. We look forward to helping you find the best academic option for your young teen this season.

Earning Academic Credits at Whetstone

Every boy who has spent any time with Whetstone has been able to find a suitable academic placement with little to no loss of earned academic credits. This includes boys who return to public schools, private schools, home schools, and those headed to college shortly after graduation. Moreover, boys able to reach graduation have in every case demonstrated tremendous intellectual growth and discipline. Our therapeutic boarding school has a very strong track record of success with a wide variety of students. Graduates leave Whetstone with the skills they need to be successful in secondary education and beyond.

Taking Advantage of Opportunity

Whetstone’s low boy-to-staff ratio gives us a huge advantage over most educational settings. One teacher for every 3 boys, provides multiple opportunities for assisting them as needed. When the situation demands, and when a boy is willing, we are able to provide one-on-one tutoring for a limited time.