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Whetstone Helps Boys with Reactive Attachment Disorder

Whetstone Boys Ranch understands how to help your young teen boy if he suffers from Reactive Attachment Disorder (or RAD), a rare but serious condition that leaves him unable to form a healthy emotional attachment with a parent (or primary caregiver). Reliable care of a baby’s physical and emotional needs enables them to learn to bond. But when a baby boy does not receive physical and emotional care while placed in temporary foster care, or through adoption, he may have difficulty establishing any close bonds.

There are two types of RAD (sometimes also known as Reactive Attachment Disorder).  Parents may find their young teen boy acting detached, unemotional, inhibited or introverted.  With the other kind, he might be unbecomingly familiar or affectionate with complete strangers.

Finding Help for Boys with Reactive Attachment Disorders

Many children who were adopted exhibit attachment disorders in their teenage years.  A stable and sustaining environment is necessary for your young teen to learn to create healthy attachments and relationships.  Our emphasis on family therapy is also critically important in the treatment of Reactive Attachment Disorder, encouraging communication between you and your son.  By teaching you (parenting) skills to help heal the disorder, your young teen can avoid developing mounting social and behavioral issues later in life and, rather, go on to enjoy healthy relationships with you and with others.

Here to Help You and Your Young Teen Boy

Whetstone Boys Ranch is a therapeutic Christian school that serves struggling boys (ages 12-16) and their families. Here boys live, learn, work and grow as they experience essential individual, group and family therapy–plus excellent academics, exciting outdoor adventures, and useful hands-on tasks. We believe in sharpening the character of young men to become true servant-leaders in their families and communities.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17 NIV

Since 2011, Whetstone’s purpose centers on the reconciliation of boys and their families. Whetstone treats struggles such as anger, depression, low self-esteem and trauma with a loving, systems-based approach. And this comprehensive method of treatment and restoration sets us apart.

We want to help your boy with his Reactive Attachment Disorder.
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