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Whetstone Academy

boys ranch for troubled boys

The Whetstone Boys Ranch Academic Program

Transforming Boys into Life-Long Learners

boys ranch for troubled boys

Whetstone Boys Ranch exists to provide a liberal arts-based education in a uniquely integrated setting designed to strengthen the mind, open the heart and equip both the body and spirit. We do so by empowering our students with skills to be life-long learners who recognize the benefits of intellectual curiosity and academic rigor. It is our goal that they, along with their families, can find success where there was failure, hope where there was fear, and life where there was loss.

Moving Boys Through Learning Gaps

The Whetstone curriculum diagnoses gaps in student learning before moving to material that the student may not be ready to tackle. These gaps in learning are often the cause of student failure and eventual misbehavior in the classroom and at home. When students don’t understand, they tend to act out instead of admitting they need help. We have found that once a student experiences real success that is based upon their own efforts, they begin to see the connection between behaviors and grades.

boys ranch for troubled boys

Earning Academic Credits

boys ranch for troubled boysEvery boy who has spent any time with Whetstone has been able to find a suitable academic placement with little to no loss of earned academic credits. This includes boys who return to public schools, private schools, home schools, and those headed to college shortly after graduation. Moreover, boys able to reach graduation have in every case demonstrated tremendous intellectual growth and discipline. Our therapeutic boarding school has a very strong track record of success with a wide variety of students. Graduates leave Whetstone with the skills they need to be successful in secondary education and beyond.

Taking Advantage of Opportunity

Whetstone’s low boy-to-staff ratio gives us a huge advantage over most educational settings. One teacher for every 3 boys, provides multiple opportunities for assisting them as needed. When the situation demands, and when a boy is willing, we are able to provide one-on-one tutoring for a limited time.

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