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Full-Time Mentoring Specialist

Job Summary:

The mentoring specialist’s responsibilities include but are not limited to monitoring the boys’ development and behavior as supervisor, educator, mentor and friend.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Understand, support and live the Whetstone Boys Ranch mission statement.
  • Live in house with residents providing care for each of their specific needs, including but not limited to: food, clothing, safety, hygiene, structure and education.
  • Work alongside and supervise residents during various work projects on and off the WBR campus.
  • Model appropriate behaviors for residents with regards to relationships, self-respect and morality.
  • Develop sincere and genuine mentor/mentee relationships with residents in care.
  • Prepare meals, maintain cleanliness of house, supervise chores completed by residents, assist house parents with creation of monthly menu, purchase groceries, transport residents to Doctor or Counselor appointments and administer medications and first aid to residents.
  • Conduct specific learning lessons such as: community service projects, field trips, chapel presentations, recreational activities, Bible studies, etc…
  • Maintain all documentation and communication tasks as assigned by Executive Director.
  • Document residents’ progress.
  • Become familiar with Whetstone Academy as directed by Education Director. Be prepared to efficiently facilitate school day without presence of Education Director.
  • Assist Executive Director by completing tasks assigned such as: marketing, financial management, filing, grant writing, etc.
  • Work alongside Site Director to ensure resident compliance to program and policies as stated in Resident Manual.
  • Assist Site Director as he completes maintenance projects, agriculture management and various new projects.
  • Adhere to all WBR policies and procedures.
  • Hold WBR residents accountable for their actions. Administer appropriate consequences for behavior infractions.
  • Supervise shift workers on evenings and weekends.
  • Responsible, teachable, hardworking and mature young man; 20-25 years old.
  • Passion to serve youth.
  • Experience with youth ministry/mentoring. (At-risk youth preferred.)
  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • State-specific Central Registry Child Abuse Clearance.
  • Written agreement to one year service commitment
  • Successful completion of TCI training and maintaining of updates.