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Sharpening the Character of Young Men


To glorify God by guiding young men to truth and grace, helping them to discover the men they were created to be, and working to restore hope and healing to their families.


Biblical Truth

We take the Proverbial concept of “iron sharpening iron” to its limit, using every opportunity to hone the virtues of Honesty, Self-Control, Kindness, Loyalty, Responsibility, and Perseverance –  all of which are necessary for a successful and fulfilling life after Whetstone. 

Love of Creation

Countless lessons about truth and beauty can be gleaned by observing nature, overcoming the challenges posed by the outdoors, and being pushed outside our comfort zones. Whetstone is intentional about providing ample opportunity for boys to experience the Creator of a classroom without walls. 

Authentic Relationship

Whetstone staff models the life of Christ through authentic relationships within a loving and supportive environment that has clear boundaries and expectations. Living, learning, and working alongside the boys, we provide consistent mentoring and accountability. 

Emotional Wellness

Whetstone’s licensed counselors shape the future of families by offering weekly individual and group therapy along with multiple family intensives. These sessions provide personalized training in family dynamics, languages of relationships, parenting styles, communication, and trauma response. 

Intellectual Growth

Whetstone provides an individualized program of mastery-based learning in a supportive environment designed to sharpen the mind and shape the heart. We do so by equipping boys with skills to be life-long learners who recognize the benefits of academic rigor, personal responsibility, and the power of imagination. 

Joy of Work

Whetstone helps boys discover joy in meaningful labor through its focus on teamwork, responsibility, and safety. In doing so, boys will look better, act better, and live better. 

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