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Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Gift in honor of Chris Bantz, JoeRyan Anderson, and J.B. Waggoner.

Mark Gandy

Gift in honor of Elmer Willard.

Lynn and Scott Beck

Gift in honor of Paul Pancoast.

Loretto Pancoast

Gift in honor of Howard and Nancy Maxwell.

Ned Maxwell

Gift in honor of Robert Coffman.

Emalene Coffman

Gift in honor of Mary Hudson.

Jim Hudson

Gift in honor of John D. Gandy.

Mark Gandy

Linda Sisco, Shirley Cofer and David Sisco, loving children of Faye Sisco, have requested that donations be made to Whetstone Boys Ranch, in memory of their mother. We thank the following for their contributions: Robert and Geraldine Wills Bill and Joan Johnson Bob and Shirley McCullough The Golda Tummons Family Daniel and Deborah Watts James and Mary Shaw Bob and Shirley Schmidt Valoree Wills Ronald and Marilyn Humphrey.

Linda Sisco, Shirley Cofer and David Sisco

Gift in honor of veterans.

Robert E. Moore

Gift in honor of Mike Heston.

Marrin and Bettye Fowler

Gift in honor of Benjamin D. Foster,

Gary P. Moss, Moss Landscaping, Inc.

Gift in honor of Paul D. Gonzales.

Ysela Gonzales

Gift in honor of Jim Bishop.

Nick Rowland

Gift in honor of Larry and Susan Sarver.

Benjamin Sarver

Gift in honor of Tom and Carol Thompson.

Bill and Karen Quigley

Gift in honor of John Gandy, and in memory of Shirley Gandy.

Mark Gandy

Gift in honor of Smoke.

Joe Lewis, DVM

Gift in honor of Fred Liimatta.

Anne Liimatta

In honor of Delores Lewis.

Madelyn Becker, The Parker Family, Blain Eubank, and Wilma Eubank

In honor of Kenton Lowrie.

Doug and LynnAnn Lowrie

In honor of Ryan Spader.

David and Lisa Murphy, Mary-Lynn Hinkel, Amber McNew, Jimmy, Stephanie, Aston Lewis Dale, Tammy, and Maddy Frost, Jennifer Houlihan, Earl and Sylvia Lyons

We are very grateful to Wilma Eubank, who has made several donations in honor of the following individuals: Harriett Sumpter Phillip Sweeney Eldon Walser.

Wilma Eubank

In honor of Sharon Henegar

Jeff Hamm, James Kleyn, and La Mesa Adult Sunday School