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Troubled Boys Schools

Are you searching for troubled boys schools? Whetstone Boys Ranch will help your boy overcome bad behavior and sharpen his character.

troubled boys schoolsWhether your boy is acting out his bitterness, anger, disrespect, or past trauma, we can help him learn to make better choices and prepare him for a better future. He’ll begin to focus again on what’s essential in his life.

The experienced therapeutic team at Whetstone help turn around troubled teenage boys. Even boys with low self-esteem or depression can be helped here.  Boys experience the love of God’s creation and the joy of learning a strong work ethic at the boys’ ranch.

We help boys who suffer from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), as well as boys who just need a change of environment to disconnect from the internet or to get away from unhealthy peer relationships.

Whetstone Boys Ranch offers personal attention to troubled teenage boys in a working-ranch environment.

Because Whetstone’s director and staff live with the boys on-site, they teach character development, and proactively sharpen each boy’s mind, body, and soul every hour of every day. Boys learn essential lessons from daily interaction with our team and even from the ranch animals.

Whetstone helps boys accept responsibility for their negative behavior. They learn to understand and see the need for a life of honesty, self-control, responsibility, and perseverance.

In the outdoor classroom of Whetstone Boys Ranch, boys benefit from the personal attention and accountability this troubled boys schools teaches.

troubled boys schoolsThe safe, daily structured program encourages his personal, spiritual, and academic growth. He can interact with Whetstone’s director and caring staff on-site as they share healthy meals, strenuous outdoor activities, and personalized school studies. Gatherings around the hearth also encourage each boy to share and understand his story and the stories of those around him.

Troubled teenage boys at Whetstone live an active, healthy family lifestyle. They can mend and improve academic issues, too!

Teen residents at Whetstone, unlike other troubled boys schools enjoy a 285-acre working cattle ranch in the Ozarks that includes opportunities for distance running, basketball, football, golf, and swimming. Students live in a safe environment monitored by staff 24/7. Boys enjoy healthy meals morning, noon, and night sitting and talking with staff. And the social connections thrive as Whetstone staff and their families live on campus.

Another essential part of Whetstone’s daily structure includes a liberal arts-based education. Whetstone’s licensed teachers also give each student what he needs, whether that involves redirection, encouragement, or one-on-one tutoring. Then, when he returns home, he can re-enter school and achieve more significant goals academically.

troubled boys schoolsWhetstone aims to lead troubled teenage boys to be Godly, upright young men of sharpened character.

That’s why Whetstone’s focus on character development includes a unique three-level/six-traits system, applying Scripture in chapel topics, reading assignments, and community service work. One-on-one discussions with Whetstone’s understanding staff also encourage growth in each troubled teen boy.

Don’t decide on troubled boys schools until you’ve discussed the benefits of Whetstone Boys Ranch! Call today at (417) 934-1112 to find out if Whetstone Boys Ranch in the rural Ozarks is the best choice for your troubled teenage boy. 

Whetstone Boys Ranch, unlike other troubled boys schools, wants every young boy to grow into a Godly young man. The team at Whetstone wants your troubled teenage boy to grow into a healthy lifestyle in the rural Ozarks of MO this year. We’ll help him change and transition back home to school and family. Give us a call today!