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Johns Success Story

therapeutic boys ranch During the pandemic, I felt like I was lost in a big, dark cloud of loneliness. Every day felt the same, just me and my screens, but it didn’t chase away the emptiness inside.

Then, I stumbled upon this online group. At first, it seemed like they understood me, but it turned out they were just making everything worse. I felt more alone than ever.

My family noticed something was wrong, but I was too caught up in my own pain to let them in. Things got really bad when I started hurting myself and yelling at them. That’s when my parents knew they had to do something.

They found Whetstone Boys Ranch, a place out in Missouri where kids like me could go for help. And being there, surrounded by nature and new friends, something inside me started to shift. The people there helped me see things in a different light, and I began to feel hopeful again.

But the best part? It was reconnecting with my family. We talked and cried together, and it was like something inside us healed too. Now, I’m doing so much better, and I’m really thankful to Whetstone for giving me a second chance. And I hope my story can give hope to other kids who might be feeling lost, just like I was.

This story has been adapted to protect our student’s identity. The name/photo are a pseudonyms chosen for privacy reasons.