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Whetstone Student Life

Whetstone Boys Ranch Student Life

Grind Away Flaws, Day by Day

From when he wakes up at 7:00 am, until he turns off his light at 9:30 pm, each boy receives direct care and supervision. As he advances through our program and demonstrates greater responsibility, he earnsmore freedom, though his time is carefully managed in order to provide meaningful and therapeutic activity.

Talk, Think, Develop Key Skills

At Whetstone, we do therapy without “doing therapy.” In a small group setting, guided by qualified teachers and counselors, we talk about movies, music, novels and poems. We talk about Truth and Beauty – examine a “Grecian Urn, ” or two.

Some say that all art is therapy. If this is even close to the truth, our boys get a ton of it while sharing their thoughts in writing and during lively group discussions, developing critical thinking skills in the process. In addition, all boys participate in at least one week-long adventure therapy session. Together they hike, camp, fish, rock-climb, rappel, cook over a campfire…and share conversations they will remember for a lifetime.


Hands-on Cattle Ranch Works Wonders.

God created an amazing variety of animals for man to admire, nurture and train. In giving him dominion over them, he gave us the opportunity to learn important lessons about ourselves, our world and our relationship with Him. Whetstone Boys Ranch is committed to providing an animal rich environment that will allow for daily interaction and work-based therapy. Currently, boys work hands-on with cattle, chickens, dogs…and a constantly changing number of cats.

Ranch work also involves planting and caring for pastures, greenhouses, and organic outdoor vegetable beds. Each July, the ranch sells beef by the quarter, packed and shipped to buyers and ready for storage in freezers. Interested buyers can contact Whetstone’s Director of Agriculture, Ty Lewis, for more information. All beef sales support the boarding school and ranch.

Train, Endure, Compete, Win!

Whetstone Boys Ranch maintains a dynamic program of strength and endurance training by engagement in distance running, team and individual sports such as basketball, football, whiffle ball, golf, ultimate frisbee, can-jam, swimming, and disc-golf.

Each month, our Recreation Coordinator leads the boys in a series training and competitive exercises designed to help them develop skills that they can be proud of and they we will be able to transfer to their everyday lives. Beyond mere competition, athletics allow boys the opportunity to learn and practice important life-skills such as self-control, patience, endurance, fortitude, attentiveness and commitment. We try to capitalize on these bed-rock virtues, while also having good old-fashioned FUN!


Learn, Thrive in the Great Outdoors.

Nature is the best classroom. Countless lessons about truth, justice, beauty and harmony can be gleaned by simply sitting still long enough to observe the forever constant and constantly changing properties of wind, sky, earth and water.

Each boy will also participate in at least one “Adventure Week, ” during which he will be challenged to grow mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in the great outdoors Our 285-acre ranch, nestled in the Ozark Mountain Region provides awesome and ample opportunity for boys to interact with the Creator in a classroom without walls.

Feed the Need. Live the Adventure!

Whetstone was founded upon the belief that boys are wired for adventure. That’s why our entire program providesself-improvement forumsthat include weekly opportunities for creative projects and skill development. During a year-long stay, this also includes fishing, swimming, hiking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling, bowling, model building, carpentry, woodworking, guitar practice, field trips to concerts, sporting events and museums, creative writing, movie-going and much more!

Unplug from Media Distractions.

A note about media: We never allow boys unsupervised access to the internet, television, music or movies. All exposure to these things is monitored and used intentionally to build character, educate and counsel. These things are not bad; but we believe the boys in our care need a lot of mentoring and guidance when using them.

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