boarding school for troubled boys

One side effect of pursuing an alternative diet is that you end up being introduced to all kinds of alternative things.One day you’re looking into the benefits of making your own kefir, and then the next you’re thinking about growing a beard and joining a commune!It’s a slippery slope, let me tell you…and one that makes for an exciting ride.Of course, you make your fair share of mistakes along the way – kale smoothie, “healthy” donuts and exotic applications of garlic to name a few – but in the end, you break away from the mindlessness that governs this country’s food choices, and you get a taste of what God may have put on Eden’s menu.

Here’s the pitch.

At risk boys need alternatives.They often make bad choices because they have no clue that other options exist.I thought white bread was just fine until I tasted oven-fresh whole grain bread.In fact, I even thought that I was eating something good for me – the package at least told me that it was “Wonder”-bread made with “enriched” flour. Now, I’m not saying that all of these boy’s decisions are made from a position of ignorance.They often rebel against the good.But what I am saying, and what I am hoping you’ll believe enough to give money towards making a reality, is that Whetstone Boys Ranch will provide healthy alternatives to cycles of abuse and neglect – generational cycles which if left alone will destroy not just an individual boy, but families upon families into the future.

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