boarding school for troubled boys

God has seen fit to bless Whetstone Boys Ranch with its third boy!  He comes with his own unique set of strengths and weaknesses…just like the rest of us.

Transitions are always stressful, and being away from your family and friends for an entire year can only add to the overwhelming nature of change.  

Just put yourself in a new boy’s shoes for a moment. First off, you have to adjust to new shoes. In fact, you have to adjust to new clothes of all sorts…which actually fit, instead of dragging along the ground or hanging from your body like limp noodles. You must learn new rules, and fast! or there are unpleasant consequences. You must fit in with a new group of teenage boys, and learn how to share a room, a shower, and a toilet. You must enroll in a new school, with a really weird headmaster with an unpronounceable last name. You must eat new food…without complaining. You have to work harder than you’ve probably ever had to work in your life. You might be experiencing withdrawal of some sort.  (Imagine going without your morning coffee!) You have to adjust to a new mattress and pillow, along with new times to get up and go to sleep. And even though it’s now right side up, that doesn’t keep your life from feeling upside down.

You can put your own shoes back on now.   Don’t they feel nice?  Please pray that our boys will come appreciate their new shoes, and that the inevitable blisters will go away soon.