boarding school for troubled boys

An alarming number of boys in America today are victims of two deadly storms.  The first is a broken family that fails to protect and nurture, and instead buries them under the rubble of abuse and neglect.  If against all odds they crawl out unscathed, they face a second assault by a culture that exploits them as soulless consumers.  Exposed by abandonment and perhaps by their own rejection of a family that wants to help, they are blown down by violent winds of envy, lust, anger and eventually hate.

Created to be holy tools in the hands of a master carpenter from Nazareth, they grow so dull that they become useless as anything other than blunt weapons of destruction.  They become the opposite of what God designed and exactly what Satan desires.  Their demolition at some point becomes permanent, and their souls, lost forever.

The mission of Whetstone Boys Ranch is to stop this decay.  We seek to rebuild these boys’ foundation, revealing to them God’s blueprint for their lives.  As a whetstone provides the necessary texture to smooth out the imperfections of a blade, we seek to sharpen young men who no longer understand their purpose for living.  It is our earnest prayer that through daily mentoring, Christian counsel, family therapy, academic rigor, physical labor and outdoor activity, we will be able to build boys of true and lasting character.  Their house must be built on the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they must come to see themselves as stones in God’s temple.