boarding school for troubled boys

I think it might be cool to post a bit of the boys’ writing at the ranch each week.  It will be encouraging for all involved.  A real win-win.

Many of you already know that I introduce music to the boys through my extensive and ever-expanding record (as in actual vinyl) collection.  Our therapeutic boarding school day includes a 15 minute lecture each day after lunch, during which the boys take notes in preparation for a weekly test over song titles, genres, societal influences and like.  Twice a week, I give them a topic that is loosely related to the artist of the day, and they write 100-150 words in response.   On Memorial Day, we listened to The Mamas and the Papas whose sunshine pop, combined with the holiday’s setting, made me think of “Gratitude” as a topic.

Here is a sample of what the boys produced in their journals, with their Pilot V-Ball Extra Fine pens which were donated by a former student.  (Thanks Matt!)

I am thankful I get to have a second chance to start over clean and fresh. Most people don’t get this chance.

I am thankful that I am surrounded with people that care about me and hope for the best for me and try to help me in all of my weak areas.

Seeing the woods, hearing, having all my joints, 45’s, my pilot v-ball extra fine, flute lessons with Mrs. Maxwell, sour patch kids, reading music, flower tea, water.

I am thankful for food, fishing, hunting, vehicles, clothes, people, kids, water, soft drinks, Colton’s, Chinese food, coffee, basketball, women, motorized toys, the ability to learn, nice weather, color, God, ping-pong, pool, movies, music, swimming, hiking, emotions, love, strength, laughter, showers, freedom, pens, pencils, those who fight for our country, boots, horses, jelly beans, English toffee. 

See.  Don’t you feel better already?