boarding school for troubled boys

There is a website out there dedicated to preserving misheard lyrics.  Its name ( comes from the most infamous misheard lyric of all-time.  “Excuse me while I kiss the sky, ” from Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze, ” has unfortunately been translated by many as “Excuse me while I kiss this guy.”  I’m sorry, but that is not correct.

One of these lyrics came up just the other day in school, while listening to “Elvira” (“oom-bop-a-mow-mow“) by the Oak Ridge Boys.   One boy heard “He’ll Fire Up, ” and thought the Oak Ridge Boys were talking about the ignition of a truck.  Another thought they were saying “Hell Fire Up, ” in reference to the devil turning up the thermostat…as if it weren’t already hot enough.

Both are common misinterpretations.  Both boys thought they were right.  But perception was not reality.  One goal of Whetstone Boys Ranch & Boarding School is to help our boys to see the difference between what they think is real (in regard to drugs, sex, guilt, pain, etc.) and what God has revealed to be true.

My dad is fond of saying, “Give directions so that you cannot be misunderstood.”  Too much unnecessary trouble in life is caused by people not understanding each other.  Fathers and sons, presidents and parliaments, customers and tech support.

Please pray that God will give us the wisdom and skill to communicate clearly, and that he will give our boys the humility to listen closely.