boarding school for troubled boys

Quite possibly, we have reached the end of the beginning. Our list of lists has stabilized, and we are now crossing out more things than we are adding. (Don’t you love that feeling of running a black marker across an item on your agenda!) We have now consolidated our boys ranch building to only three things:

Program, Fund-Raising and Facilities

I encourage you all to pray for these three areas, specifically. It’s actually quite efficient. Instead of doing a line-by-line, you can hurl these up to heaven and say, “Please, God!” As the needs are fulfilled (and posted on our website) you throw up a “Thank You!” I think he understands our need for brevity. However, if you would like a more detailed prayer for the troubled and at-risk boys we will serve, you might try something as follows:

Please God, guide us as we put the finishing touches on our Program. It’s not really our program. It’s yours. We trust that you will provide insight regarding residential therapy, intake procedures, staff-training, relief staff, licensed Christian counseling, liability insurance, school curriculum, accreditation, disciplinary procedures, and motivational techniques. There are more things that we need to consider, but we submit those to you also, God. You alone, are omniscient!

Please God, lead us in our Fund-Raising. You are rich beyond measure. You own the “cattle on a thousand hills” – a measure that really means something for those of us who live in West Plains! Make the movie “Courageous” a success, and help us to sell-out the Glass-Sword Cinema! Move our website up on Google, increase our presence on Facebook, and put our flyers, emails, blog posts and newsletters in the right mailboxes and inboxes. You alone are omnipotent!

Please God, manage our Facilities. Help us to be good stewards of what you give us. Send us skilled laborers for remodeling projects, energetic volunteers, building supplies, dependable vehicles, fast internet, sturdy furniture, comfortable mattresses, and lots and lots of good food. You alone are omnipresent!

Please, Please, Please, Please!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!