boarding school for troubled boys

For the young men at Whetstone Boys Ranch, the future is a big question mark.  Literally.  It’s a huge black line that twists, turns, and then drops off into a dark abyss.


Their parents and teachers are at a similar impass – and like that giant question mark above, they are at the end of their “rope.”  (hashtag: “seewhatididthere?”)/p>

It is Whetstone’s job to stop the free fall.  Our family atmosphere, working ranch and therapeutic boarding school provide a safe landing and chance for everyone to catch their collective breath.  They have time to think, examine, talk, reflect.  We can’t guarantee a heart change or a happy ending, but we are pretty good at giving all parties involved a good chance at these things.  In many cases, we’re the best chance they’ve ever had, or ever will have./p>

On a squinty bright winter afternoon, we took the boys for a snow-hike around our property.  They threw powdery snow balls at each other, tracked animals in the snow, climbed trees, tossed rocks through pond ice and engaged in all manner of frolic.  It was a heart-warming portrait of youthful energy against a symbolic backdrop of snow-white innocence.  There is a future for these boys, and Whetstone is their chance to straighten things out.  With God’s help, they can go from question marks to exclamation points!/p>